Healthy Mind-Healthy Life

Healthy Mind-Healthy Life

We all have daily routines: personal hygiene, bed time, morning, eating plans and/or exercise that we follow…how many of you have an emotional hygiene routine?  It might be an odd thing to ask, but take a minute to think about it.  These routines are set in place to help keep us alive and healthy, right?  Creating an emotional hygiene routine is equally important (if not more) because our state of mind determines how we respond to conflict, obstacles, losses, how we treat loved ones and friends and how we are going to react to life in general.

Below are some resources and guidelines you can use to help create your own emotional hygiene routine.


  1. Decide what the best way is for you to process your thoughts and emotions (good or bad):
    • Talk to someone.
    • Write thoughts down in a journal
    • Go for a walk to process things on your own
    • Crafting
    • Doing mechanical work
    • Meditation
  1. Decide how often:
    • When you’re deciding this, remember, you’re creating this routine to help you build an emotionally healthy mind so you are prepared to deal with the challenges life brings.
    • I would recommend taking a break 5min daily for this routine
  2. Decide what time of the day:
    • In the morning before you start your day and your electronics take over your life 12
    • Mid-day
    • At the end of the day right before bed
    • ***When you’re deciding this, figure out what time of day is easiest for you to slow your thoughts down***


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