Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

Workout #1 @ Home

If you can’t make it to the gym tonight, no problem!  Try this work out at home tonight!  There are 2 different options.  The first one is for those of you who are beginners and the second option is a bit more challenging for those who are currently exercising.  I think most of you may know how to do a jumping jack but if you’re not sure how to do a lunge, push up or plank, click on the links below to learn how 🙂  Before you start your first set, walk or jog in place for 2min while pumping your arms back and forth.  This will get your whole body warmed up and ready to tackle this great workout!  No weights are required for this work out BUT…if you have some and you feel like a challenge then BRING IT ON and use your weights for the lunges!!!  Have fun 🙂


Push up – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh00_rniF8E

Plank –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiA9j-dR0oM

Lunge – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y39eptD6Wj8


Option 1:

10 jumping jacks

10 alternating front lunges

10 push ups

10 sec. plank

– Do this 4 set series at least 6x and if you still have energy after 6, go for 10!  If you’re just starting out TODAY, start out by doing your push ups and planks from your knees until you are able to build up some upper body strength.


Option 2:

15 jumping jacks

16 alternating front lunges

12 push ups

20 sec plank

– Do this 4 set series 10x!!!!  This workout shouldn’t take longer than 25min but I think most of you could finish in 20min.

Good luck everyone!


Workout #2
This is a cross training workout.  You will be going between a 2 weight lifting moves and then cardio. This workout is going to focus on toning up the arms 🙂
Warm-up: 10 min your choice of cardio
1.  Dumbell Curls 15×3 and cable tricep pull downs 15×3 (alternate between the 2 exercises)
2. 10 min cardio (treadmill, elliptical, stair stepper…you should be sweating)
3. Barbell Curls 15×3 and tricep dips on a bench 20×3
4. 10 min cardio
5. Close grip cable curl with straight bar 15×3 and bent over tricep kickbacks (one arm at a time)
6. 10 min cardio

Home Workout:
You will need a set of weights and a kitchen chair.  This will be a circuit training workout.  Your goal will be to go through the circuit 5 times.
1. Do front lunges in place for 2 min
2. Bicep Curls x15
3. Step ups on chair, 1min starting with the right foot and 1 min starting with the left foot
4. Tricep dips on the chair x 15
5. Hold one weight at your chest and do alternating side lunges for 2 min
6. 10 push ups
7. Jumping Jacks for 1min
8. Single arm shoulder press with feet together (this will force you to use your core for stability) do 15 with the right arm and then 15 with the left


Workout #3

Gym Workout:

For this workout you’re going to get the cardio out of the way first and then move on to weight lifting circuit.

Choose between the treadmill, stair stepper or elliptical and complete 30min keeping your heart rate between 65-70% of your max.  To find your MHR (max heart rate) do the following calculation:

220-Age= MHR

MHR x .65 = your target for this workout


220-30 = 190

190 x .65 = 123.5

Weight Lifting Circuit:

1.Push ups x 15

2. Lat Pull Down or Assisted Pull Up Machine x 15

3. Weighted squats on squat machine or with dumbells x 15

4. Walking lunge with lateral raise (lift weights out to side up to shoulder level when you lunge down)

5. Reverse abdominal crunch x 15

Complete the above circuit 3x 🙂


Workout #4

You will need a kitchen chair or folding chair, 1 set of heavy weights and a stop watch or clock.  You will be alternating between 2 exercises doing 10 reps at a time for 2 min.  Complete this circuit 3-5 times 🙂

1. Push ups and step-up on chair, alternate what leg you lead with when stepping up

2. Tricep dips on chair and plank (hold plank for 10 sec at a time)

3. Walking lunge and alternating shoulder press (keep weights at ear level and alternate between right and left arm press)

Take a 2 min break between circuits to get a drink of water.  Have a great workout 🙂


Workout #5

Gym Workout:

10 min warm up on treadmill or elliptical.  When you are done with your warm up your heart rate should be between 65-70% of you MHR.  Refer to workout #2 to calculate your MHR.  If you don’t know how to find your pulse and calculate your heart rate, click the link or copy and paste the link below to learn how.


1. Wide grip lat pull down – 12 reps

Tip: Do not pull the bar down behind your head!  Choose enough weight so you can successfully pull the bar down below your chin 12x.  Roll your shoulders back before each pull down, keep your chest up and abs tight!

2. Alternating front lunge with RIGHT arm extended straight above your head toward the ceiling.  Hold a dumbell in your right hand only – 16 reps.

Tip: Keep your abs tight a lunge slowly so you can keep control of the weight above your head.

3. Seated Row, close grip – 12 reps

Tip: Abs tight, roll the shoulders back and keep your chest high.  Row the weight in to touch your rib cage.

4. Alternating front lunge with LEFT arm extended straight above your head toward the ceiling.  Hold a dumbell in your left hand only – 16 reps

5. 5 min on stair stepper, elliptical or treadmill.  Get your heart rate up to 85% of your MHR

Go through this 5 exercise cycle 4 times.  After your last time through the cycle find a spot on the floor to do the following core work:

-45 sec plank, immediately roll over and do 20 crunches – do this cycle 4x

Tip: When you do your crunches keep your knees bent and feet flat on the ground.  Reach both arms up toward the ceiling and point to a spot on the ceiling with your fingers.  Crunch straight up (as if your reaching to touch the spot on the ceiling) and down (not forward and backward) lifting your head and shoulder blades off the ground.  By doing your crunches this way, there will be no pressure on your thoracic spine and you will feel a deeper and more concentrated crunch as you lift straight up 🙂


Workout #6

At the Gym:
Warm up on the bike for 10min.  Your quads should start to burn after 3min, if they don’t, increase the resistance.
1. Standing Shoulder Press x 12
Tip: You can stagger your feet for more stability or keep you feet together to engage your core.  Tuck your pelvis and keep your stomach tight so you can avoid arching your lower back.
2. Push-ups x 15
3. Take a Medicine Ball (6-15lbs).  Hold the ball above your head and Keep it there as you lunge back with the right leg (keep your stomach tight so you won’t arch your lower back when you lunge). As you come up from the lunge, bring your knee up toward your chest and lower the ball down to touch your knee (you will be balancing on the left leg).  After you touch the ball to your knee, go right back down into your lunge with the ball above your head.  Repeat 15 x on the right leg and 15 x on the left leg.
4. Lateral Raises with a 2 sec. hold at the top x 12
Tip: Keep your feet together, your stomach tight and try not to swing the weights up.
5. 5 min on your choice of cardio.  Your HR should be between 80-90% of your MHR

Repeat this 5 set circuit 4 times.

At Home:
You will need a jump rope and 1 set of weights.  If you don’t have a jump rope, no problem, you can still jump as if you have one 🙂
Warm up:  March in place bringing your knees up high for 3 min (and get some music pumpin’!)
1. Jump Rope x 100 revolutions
2. Push-ups x 20 (or do as many as you can with out breaking form)
3.With your feet shoulder width apart and your arms up in the air as if you were going to flex your biceps (your hands should be at ear level), squat down and twist at the waist to reach your right elbow toward the left knee and stand up.  Alternate between left and right x20.  You will feel this in your core as well as your legs.
4. Alternating front lunge with a bicep curl (lunge forward, push back and curl at the top) x 20
5. Abdominal crunches x 20

Go through this 5 set circuit 5x 🙂


Workout #7

At the Gym:


At Home:



Workout #8



Workout #9

There are 4 elements you will be rotating through for 30-45 min.  If you’re doing this at the gym, you’ll be able to do everything (even the push-ups) on the treadmill.  For your walking lunges you will slow down your speed between .5 – 1.0.  For your push-ups you will stop the belt, put your hands on the end of the treadmill and lower your chest down to touch the treadmill for every rep.  If your doing this workout outside, DON’T skip the push-ups!!!!!  You can do them on the grass 🙂  Cycle through the routine at least 5x.

Action    Time/Reps
Walk                    2 min
Walking lunge    20 reps
Jog                    2 min
Walk                    2 min
Push-ups            5 reps


Workout #10

Here is a sample H.I.I.T. workout.  Give it a try and then go through the stretching routine which you will find by clicking the link below 🙂



If this is your first time going through this type of workout do at least 15 min but no more than 20 min.  If this is not your first time, try  to get through 20-30 mins.  Ready!?! The intensity scale will be between 0-10, 0 being a very slow walk and 10 being an all out sprint.  This is the ratio, 10 sec at a level 8 intensity to 20 sec at a level 3 intensity.  Make sure you are good and warmed up before you start your first sprint.  Take a brisk walk or a slow jog for 5-10 min and then begin the intervals.  Have a great workout!


Workout #11



Workout #12



Workout #13  Maximize your EPOC

Warm up: 5 min on your choice of cardio.  Your HR should reach 65% of your MHR (max heart rate).  Refer to workout #2 under Weekly Workout on the Grapevine to figure out your MHR.

Bench Press: 10 reps, the weight should be heavy enough (on all the strength moves) that your struggle with your last rep
Cardio: 2 min (0:10 sprint, 0:20 recover…cycle through this cardio interval 4 x)
Seated Row: 10 reps
Cardio: 2 min (repeat above cardio interval)
Bicep curl Squat: 10 reps (click the link below to see exercise)
Cardio: 2 min (repeat above cardio interval)
Tricep Dips: 10

Repeat this circuit 3x. You should be done in 45min or less if you stay on task 🙂




~ Muscle Toning, 2 workouts both under 30min

~ Muscle Toning and cardio, 2 workouts both 30 min

~ Muscle toning, full body in 1 workout in 31min

~ Kickboxing, 11- 12min workouts so you can choose to only do 1 or if you have more time you can do 2 or 3!

~ Zumba! You’ll be having so much fun dancing you won’t even realize your working out!


Workout #14




Paint Can Workout:

Here is the “Paint Can Workout”!  I was inspired by some of the maintenance staff to create a quick and simple workout that could be done at lunch using resources that were already available like a paint can.  I realize not everyone will have the opportunity to workout at lunch, so for those who can not, you can do this at home before or after work.

There are 4 exercises.  Do each exercise one after the other like a circuit.  Complete 10 reps of each exercise and go through the circuit at least 3x.  If your feeling strong, push yourself to go through the circuit 3 MORE time for a total of 6.  These are the moves:
1. Push-ups
2. Squat with Bicep curl
3. Squat with front raise
4. Tricep Dips

Click the link below to watch all 4 exercises 🙂



Workout #15

1 Gallon Workout:

Here is the 1 Gallon workout.  No matter what fitness level you’re at, you can do this workout and feel successful!  There are 4 exercises: Push-ups, front lunges, crunches and squat with a shoulder press.  The push-ups are a big part of the workout because you will be doing 4 of them in between every set of the other exercises.  Below is the video you can watch to see what the exercises look like.  First, write down the number of reps and sets you need to complete.  Next, walk or jog in place or go for a 5 min walk to warm up and then you can begin the workout!  Here are the reps and sets:

Lunges = 20 (10 on each leg)
Push-ups = 4
Crunches = 15  Ab twist = 20
Push-ups = 4
Squat w/ shoulder press = 15
Push-ups = 4

Complete 3-6 sets through the whole circuit.  Have a great workout 🙂



Workout #16

Chair and Core Challenge Workout

Click the link to view the workout and then print out or write down the number of reps and sets you need to complete.

Here are the 6 Exercises:
1. Left leg step up on chair ~ right leg side squat ~ step back up ~ right leg back lunge = 1 rep x 12
Right leg step up on chair ~ left leg side squat ~ step back up ~ left leg back lunge = 1 rep x 12
Challenge: hold milk jug/juice jug and raise above head with every step up
2. Chair Push-ups with jumps x 12
Challenge: do the push-ups and jumps on the floor
3. Tricep Dips x 15
Challenge: legs extended or elevated on couch or another chair
4. Squat, sit, stand and curl with jug x 24
Challenge: Single leg squat, sit, stand and curl x 12 on each leg
5. Hands on chair, knee to elbow cross the body (hold each cross for 2 sec) x12 on each side
Challenge: Put you feet on the chair, knee to elbow cross (hold each for 3 sec) x 12 on each side
6. Isometric holds with broom stick: push fists together = 5 sec, pull fists apart = 5 sec  x2 in each position
Position 1 = below waist
Position 2 = shoulder level
Position 3 = above the head

Go through these 6 exercises like a circuit.  Complete at least 3 sets and if you’re feeling strong complete 3 more for a total of 6!  Have a great workout 🙂


Workout #17

15 min or Less Workout!

Got 15min?  Then this workout is for you!!!  In the first part of the workout you will pre-fatigue your muscles with 3 sets of 30 sec isometric exercise followed by 3 sets of the same exercises with full range of motion. Check out the video below and then follow the instructions listed 🙂


Part 1:
1. 30 sec wall sit with arms above your head touching the wall
~ Advanced: 30 sec wall sit lifting 1 leg at a time for 5 sec each
2. 30 sec superman holds
~ Advanced: 30 sec superman holds with weights (water bottles) in hands
3. 30 sec push-up holds on knees with elbows bent to 90 degrees
~ Advanced: 30sec push-up holds on toes, elbows are the same
Repeat 3x

Part 2:
1. Squats with arm raises x 15
~ Advanced: Squats with arm raises with weights in hands x 15
2. Supermans x 15
~ Advanced: Supermans with weights in hands x15
3. Push-ups on knees x 15
~ Advanced: Push-ups on Toes x 15
Repeats 3x

Your goal is to complete the above routine in 15min or less.  When you complete the workout email me your results, I would love to know how you did 🙂  Have a great workout!


Workout #18


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