Healthy Core and Back

Healthy Core and Back

Good Morning Everyone!

One of the most common ailments I hear people talk about is back pain or tightness that can also refer to other parts of the body.  This can be caused by several things such as sitting for an extended period of time due to driving, flying and just sitting at work or not wearing the right walking or running shoes.  There are simple stretches and exercises you can do daily to help you strengthen your whole core which includes the muscles in the front, our abdominals and the muscles in the back, our lower back.  Below are a few videos you can follow along with to help you strengthen and stretch. 

Before you check out the videos, I have a question and a challenge for you.  If you sit while you work, how long do you sit for at a time?  If your answer is more than 1hr at a time, I challenge you to set an alarm on your phone for every hour.  When the alarm goes off, stand up and go for a 1-3min walk – that’s all!  It could make a difference in the way your whole core feels :).

7min Core (lower back and abdominal) Strengthening Routine:

4 Stretches For Lower Back Pain:

Yoga Stretches for Back Pain Relief, Sciatica, Neck Pain & Flexibility, Beginners Level Workout – 40min:

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