The “Perfect Combo” Challenge!!

The “Perfect Combo” Challenge!!

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Are you ready for the next challenge?!?!  This is going to be a 6 week team challenge called, The “Perfect Combo” Challenge.  To enter, you will need to form a team of four.  If you need help finding a team to join or need to fill a spot on your team, email me ASAP and I can help you out.  The challenge will begin this Monday November, 2nd 2015 and will end at midnight on Sunday December, 14th 2015.  The team with the greatest amount of points at the end of the 6 weeks will win a $200 gift card of their choice!

How to earn points – all 4 participants must achieve/complete the requirements below in order to receive 1 point for each category weekly.  For example, if 1 person on your team only gets 5 hours of sleep one night, your team will NOT earn a point for that category that week.  Encourage one another and help keep each other accountable :).

–          1 point for 6-8 hours of sleep, 7 days weekly

–          1 point for 20+ min of activity, 5 days weekly (walking, running, cycling, swimming, yoga, pilates, boxing, dancing, home workouts, taking an exercise class…)

–          1 point for 0 soda or energy drink consumption, 6 days weekly

–          The greatest amount of points your team can ear for 1 week is 3 (A perfect score at the end of the challenge would be 18)


Extra Points – These points can be earned by each participant, individually (the whole team does not have to participate in order to receive the extra point/s) and you can choose to do 1 or both of the requirements for the extra points.  Each participant has the potential to earn 2 extra points for the duration of the challenge

–          1 point for 1200+ push-ups over the duration of the 6 week challenge

–          1 point for 400+ min of reading for stress relief or enjoyment over the duration of the 6 week challenge


Email me as soon as you have put your team together OR if you would like help putting a team together.  The challenge starts this Monday – all of the teams should be formed (with a team name 🙂 ) and emailed to me by the end of the day on Monday November, 2nd.

Email me with any questions and have a great day!!!!!

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