Dexter/Ann Arbor Run 2013

Dexter/Ann Arbor Run 2013

Hey McKinley!!

Check out Team McKinley for the 40th Annual Dexter/Ann Arbor Run!!  From left to right in the photo Nina Szegda, Martina LaRock, Adam McMichael, Me and Becky Garbutt!  This was Nina and Martina’s first 5K!!  They were so inspired by the DXA2, they already have their next 5k insight.  They will be participating in the Kensington Challenge in September.  Click the link below for more info:
Adam ran the 1/2 marathon making this his 3rd year running in the DXA2.  His is currently training for a 1/2 triathalon which will take place in Grand Rapids in August and plans on running another 1/2 marathon in September.
Becky ran the 5k making this her 10th race.  Next she will be participating with her family in one of the most challenging and FUN FILLED races at the end of this month…the TOUGH MUDDER!
The DXA2 was my 2nd 10k and I plan on participating in 2 Duathlon’s (one in July and the other in August) and a 15k in September!

If any of you have completed a race or an event or have one coming up, please email me so I can share your great success with everyone!  Have a great afternoon 🙂

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