Workout #18

Workout #18

15 min or Less Workout!

Got 15min?  Then this workout is for you!!!  In the first part of the workout you will pre-fatigue your muscles with 3 sets of 30 sec isometric exercise followed by 3 sets of the same exercises with full range of motion. Check out the video below and then follow the instructions listed :)

Part 1:
1. 30 sec wall sit with arms above your head touching the wall
~ Advanced: 30 sec wall sit lifting 1 leg at a time for 5 sec each
2. 30 sec superman holds
~ Advanced: 30 sec superman holds with weights (water bottles) in hands
3. 30 sec push-up holds on knees with elbows bent to 90 degrees
~ Advanced: 30sec push-up holds on toes, elbows are the same
Repeat 3x

Part 2:
1. Squats with arm raises x 15
~ Advanced: Squats with arm raises with weights in hands x 15
2. Supermans x 15
~ Advanced: Supermans with weights in hands x15
3. Push-ups on knees x 15
~ Advanced: Push-ups on Toes x 15
Repeats 3x

Your goal is to complete the above routine in 15min or less.  When you complete the workout email me your results, I would love to know how you did :)   Have a great workout!

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