Success Story- Cristan Robertson

Success Story- Cristan Robertson

Good Afternoon Everyone, its’ another Throwback Thursday!!!! Check out this great success story that started in March 2016!!

I have another success story I’m excited to share with you!!! Cristan Robertson is a Retail Coordinator in Muskogee, Oklahoma and has made some significant lifestyle changes. She has lost 65lbs since March 2016 and has become a motivator and encourager to those around her! Please take a few moments to enjoy her story .

“Almost sixteen months ago, March 2016, I had my first baby!! I started to lose weight and was able to take off 30lbs over the next 10months. My Doctor encouraged me to continue to lose weight due to some health concerns and it was at that point I decided to make some serious changes. I started Nutrisystem on January 16th and started working out on March 1st with a trainer three days a week and did cardio on my own twice a week. It really took a lot for me to make time for my workouts. Living 55 miles from work (one way) and having a new baby made it extremely hard to work out BUT, I made it a priority to FIND time. I know that I may not always have the time like I used to so I purchased some gym equipment for my home so I can use it when I have time on weekends or evenings. To be really honest with you, the McKinley Wellness Challenge had a lot to do with motivating me. When I saw the pictures and success stories of other employees I thought, “I can do that too”! It started with the simple diet changes and then I wanted to see more results and be healthier so I incorporated the workouts. My manager here, Frank Cooper, actually got me started. He wanted all of us to think about getting more active. We started bringing our workout shoes to work to walk first thing in the morning or during our lunch break. As of today I have lost about 35lbs since January and I have lost around 18 inches since I started at the gym!!”

Thanks for sharing Cristan!!

Yours in Health and Wellness,

Meredith Mitchell
Corporate Wellness Director

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