Individual Quarterly Cardio Challenge

Individual Quarterly Cardio Challenge

Hi Everyone!!

Are you ready to participate in the Individual Quarterly Cardio Challenge?!?!? If you are – the first 25 people who meet the mileage/minute requirements for the quarter will earn a $50 gift card of their choice!!!!!!! Enter the challenge by emailing me at the beginning of the quarter to say “I’m IN!!!!”

***We added a discipline – Exercise Classes!!!!***

There are several of you who take exercise classes that don’t necessarily include “getting your miles in”.  For this reason, we are adding Exercise Classes as one of the disciplines that will be based on minutes.  Here are some examples of classes you can take for the minutes to count:

  • Spinning, Cardio Drumming, HIIT, Circuit Training, Jazzercise, Boot Camp, Orange Theory, Line Dancing, Salsa or Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Water Aerobics.

Mileage/Minute Requirements For the Cardio Challenge– The 4 Disciplines:
• The 4 Disciplines are running (you can choose to walk, jog or run), cycling, swimming and exercise classes. You can choose to do 1, 2, 3 or 4 of the disciplines. The mileage/minute requirements are below for each single discipline or combination. If you choose to do 1 discipline, your goal will be the mileage/minutes listed beside #1 for that discipline. If you choose to do 2 disciplines, your goal will be 2 of the 4 mileage/minutes listed beside #2 for each discipline. If you choose to do 3 disciplines, your goal will be 3 of the 4 mileage/minutes listed beside #3 for each discipline. You will keep track of your own miles/minutes and submit them to me through email as soon as you complete the requirements.  I will send out an email at the beginning and end of every quarter to remind you to submit your miles or your entry for the challenge.

If you have NEVER completed a Quarterly Cardio Challenge, these are your mileage/minute requirements:

1. 200 Miles
2. 100 Miles
3. 67 Miles

1. 500 Miles
2. 250 Miles
3. 167 Miles

1. 60,000 Meters
2. 30,000 Meters
3. 20,000 Meters

  • Exercise Class Minutes:
    1. 1800
    2. 900
    3. 600

If you DID complete the Cardio Challenge for the previous quarter, your mileage requirements are below:

• Walk/Jog/Run:
1. 240 Miles
2. 130 Miles
3. 90 Miles

1. 565 Miles
2. 285 Miles
3. 195 Miles

1. 90,000 Meters
2. 50,000 Meters
3. 30,000 Meters

  • Exercise Class Minutes:
    1. 1800
    2. 900
    3. 600

Email me with any questions 🙂

Yours in Health and Wellness,

Meredith Mitchell


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