Healthy Foods from A-Z, “Z”

Healthy Foods from A-Z, “Z”

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If you want a vegetable that’s extremely versatile and has a variety of health benefits, look no further than zucchini.  Both raw and cooked zucchini are great for our overall health.  Its color can vary from yellow to dark green. 

Important Note: It is best when eaten prior to the skin becoming tough and the seeds growing large. 

Though they are grown all year long, the peak season is in the summer months.  Zucchini cannot be stored for long periods unless frozen.  You can freeze grated raw zucchini or lightly steamed slices.  Make sure to pack them in airtight containers!

 Health Benefits:

  • Contains good amounts of potassium which helps to reduce blood pressure
  • Considerable amounts of magnesium which helps to keep blood pressure at a normal rate and our heart beat at a steady rhythm
  • Incredibly low in calories
  • Keeps the body hydrated as it is made up of 95% water, giving us more energy and fewer headaches
  • Improves eye health and vision and helps to prevent age-related medical conditions affecting the eyes such as macular degeneration
  • Good source of vitamin C, good for fighting asthma
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties that help keep our lungs open and clear
  • Contains calcium which gives strength to bones and teeth
  • Its high-fiber content helps in lowering cholesterol

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