Workout Apps!

Workout Apps!

 If you don’t belong to a gym and would like some workouts to follow or if you are looking to make your walks/runs more exciting…check out the workout apps below.  Some of these apps are really cool!!

Zombie, Run! – a game where you are cast as the character “Runner 5” trying to survive a zombie apocalypse through a series of missions which you run, collect items to help the town survive, and listen to various narrations to uncover mysteries.

Superhero Workout – a motion-tracking workout game that counts every rep and every calorie of every exercise you do so you don’t have to!  It includes twelve workouts and seven challenges and can be hooked up to your Apple TV or Chromecast in order to see your moves on a bigger screen.

Dungeon Runner: Fitness Quest – a clever app that challenges you to play a dungeon crawling game by performing a series of real-world fitness exercises.  It uses the same motion-tracking technology found in Superhero Workout to automatically track your reps and calories and translate them into dungeon crawling actions and progressions.

The Walk: Fitness Tracker and Game – tracks every walk and run you take and updates it on a top-down view of a map that shows you the neighborhood, park, or other area that you are virtually walking through.

Nexercise – a fitness app that gives you points for every 15 minutes of exercise you do and then those points that you earn can be used as rewards at places like Barnes and Noble, Amazon, CVS, Sephora, etc.

Battle Suit Runner Fitness – this app is similar to Zombies, Run! except this time you’re protecting the Earth against alien invaders!

Pact – allows you to make bets with others around your fitness goals

Teemo – another app similar to Zombies, Run! and Battle Suit Runner Fitness, but this allows you to choose from a variety of virtual adventures rather than having only one.

7 Minute Workout Challenge – this app contains several seven minute workouts that are designed to help you fit exercise into your busy schedule.

Yoga Studio – this app contains over 24 hours of ready-made classes plus 280 poses and can be used by yoga newbies or veterans, the classes range from 15 to 60 minutes long.

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