Good Afternoon McKinley!

We’ve already had a fantastic start to the new year with people setting wellness goals and actively following through with them!  You’re all awesome!  We’re going to ramp it up now with the sugar *5* challenge to keep you all motivated through the rest of Q1 so you’re ready to kick it into high gear for SPRING!!!!


What is the sugar *5* challenge?

  • The focus of this challenge is to help you reduce your daily sugar consumption and find time to strengthen your body 5 days weekly.  The reason you hear me talk about reducing sugars so often is because it is so incredibly harmful to our bodies.  It’s in foods we don’t expect so there are many days when our daily sugar grams are WAY more than you’re even aware of.  I’m going to be completely honest with you, the first 2 weeks of cutting back on refined sugars (or out completely) are downright HARD!!  They’re hard because your body is addicted to it and never EVER satiated once you consume it so you continue to eat more- so goes the evil sugar cycle.  The good news is you can retrain your body to not crave those refined sugars and actually get to the point where your body rejects them – seriously!

In short, this is what sugar does to our bodies:

The sugar *5* challenge:

This is an 8 week Pair’s challenge that will begin next Monday February, 1st 2016 and will end on Sunday March, 27th 2016.  Both people on the team must complete the requirements below in order to receive 1 team point for each week.  For example, if one person on the team only completes 4 days of activity for the week, your team will not receive a point for that week.  Excluding the extra point, a perfect score for this challenge is 16 points.

Point System:

  • 1 Point =  Consume 70g of SUGAR or less daily for 6 days/weekly.  Two of the easiest apps to use to help you track your daily sugar consumption are MyFitnessPal and Lose It.  There is sugar in just about everything so watch out!!!
  • 1 Point =  30min of activity 5 days weekly

*Extra point* – Each team member will have the opportunity to earn 1 extra point (as a team you have the potential to earn 2 extra points)!!

  • Drink 16oz of water first thing every morning before consuming anything else for the duration of the challenge.

Examples for daily activity:

  • Running, walking, cycling, yoga, pilates, boxing, dancing, stair stepping, at home workouts…anything that will help strengthen your body and that you have set aside 30min specifically for activity.

To enter the challenge, simply email me by this Friday to let me know you will be joining the challenge along with who your partner is.  You and your partner will keep track of your own points and the pair with the most points at the end of the challenge will WIN!!!  For this challenge, there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes – see below:

  • 1st place = each participant will receive a $50 GC of their choice OR a Fitbit flex
  • 2nd place = each participant will receive either a yoga beginner’s kit, pilates beginner’s kit or a strong back and core kit
  • 3rd place = each participant will receive either a trigger point massager or a foam roller
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