Commuter Challenge May 2015

Commuter Challenge May 2015

Good Morning McKinley!!!

Here’s a really fun challenge we’re going to participate in as a team!!  For the month of May we will be participating in the Commuter Challenge organized by The Ride.  Last year Zingerman’s won and I think this year, we can beat them!!!

Here are the details:

  • Register:
    • Choose “McKinley” as your team and fill out the rest of information.
    • Email or let me know in person once you’ve registered so I can give you your Commuter Kit.
    • Start logging your commutes by clicking “My Profile” and choose “Log Trip Data”.  You can start logging your commutes today to get in the habit of doing it BUT the challenge doesn’t begin until May 1st.
    • How to earn points:
      • Car pool with a friend to work
      • Take the bus to work (even if it’s only part of the way)
      • Ride your bike or walk to work
      • Telecommute – working from home
      • Walking meetings
      • Walk or ride a bike to:
        • Lunch
        • Post Office
        • Shops downtown
  • Uber/Lyft (ride-sharing companies) Check this out if you’re interested in learning about the differences between Uber and Lyft:
  • Weekends count too – ride your bike to the grocery store or car pool with a friend and go grocery shopping together.
  • May 1st is Green Commute Day – Wear green, log your first commute and submit your photos to and let them know you’re on Team McKinley for extra points!!
  • Prizes – click the link to check out the cool prizes:

Get registered today so you’re ready for May 1st!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone!

Yours in Health and Wellness,




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